We tailor our design services to Clients individual requirements; whether it is exploring basic conception / feasibility studies or a project that requires a full design service, as set out in the RIBA Scope of Works, each appointment basis is bespoke. Whether a traditional or innovative approach is required, boldness or sensitivity, with flair, imagination and style, we will work through the various work stages as outlined below taking a project from inception to completion.


The process starts with the initial meeting to discuss your intentions and ideas. From this we develop a brief that covers not only design aesthetics, but also the function of the building, budget costs and timing. We will then prepare conceptual designs as a first response to these


An integral part of this process is the utilisation of Computer generated modelling which enables us to build a realistic representation of what is being proposed, giving you the opportunity to visualise the ideas and concepts being developed, allowing you to ‘walk-through’ or ‘fly-around’ and experience the proposals before making decisions.

Working Drawings

An important part of the Architects’ service is to liaise with the Local Authority, via the Planning and Building Control departments. The preparation of clearly presented and professionally drawn plans for approval under Planning and Building Regulations will save you time and significantly improves your chances of success.


The Architect can assist in finding the right builder for the project through the process of tendering and interview. A contract will be drawn up to best suit the project, ensuring full protection and a timely completion.


As your Architect we will monitor the building work as it progresses through to completion, reducing the stress of the process to a minimum.